CFN Benefits

TravelCard Benefits

Cost Savings

Access to wholesale pricing at CFN locations plus retail pricing at retail sites saves your drivers time and keeps fuel costs low.

Simplified Tracking and Reporting

Streamline expenses with a CFN fuel card from TravelCard Commercial Fueling. All purchases are recorded in one place for easy tracking.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Save time and reduce paperwork with a CFN fuel card, so you can concentrate on your business priorities.

Detailed Reports

Our web portal lets you track all your fuel expenses in one place. You’ll see every detail, including date, time, location, fuel type, gallons, price, taxes, mileage, vehicle, and driver.

Centralized Control

¬†You can set limits, decide when and where to use it, and ensure it’s used only for fuel to prevent misuse.

Nationwide Acceptance

CFN offers 4,000+ fueling spots nationwide plus 60,000 Fuelman stations, so your drivers can refuel easily anywhere.

Unlock Tax Advantages:

For heavy trucks over 26,000lbs
(in Oregon)

CFN fuel cards offer tax benefits for heavy trucks under Oregon PUC regulations. Benefits include reduced fuel taxes, accurate tax reporting, streamlined expense tracking, enhanced documentation, savings on taxable income, and time savings. Consult a tax professional for personalized advice.

Off Road and Red Dye Diesel Tax Exemptions in Oregon

In Oregon and many other states, off-road diesel fuel has tax exemptions. It’s for non-highway vehicles like construction machines and tractors. To qualify, you must use it exclusively off-road, not on public roads. You can buy it without some taxes. Keep records to prove off-road use. Red dye diesel is off-road diesel colored red to show it’s not for on-road use. Using it on public roads can lead to fines. Comply with regulations and consult tax professionals for guidance.

By using a CFN fuel card from TravelCard Commercial Fueling, you consolidate all your fuel purchases in one spot. This simplifies everything, saves time, and can save you money, making your business more successful.