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Wholesale & Retail Pricing

Wholesale Pricing: Our customers enjoy the daily average wholesale price when fueling at CFN and CFNnet locations nationwide. 

Retail Convenience: The card is also accepted at Fuelman retail locations, where customers receive the retail pump price with no fees!

Savings at the pump: On average, most customers save up to 20-30 cents per gallon when fueling at CFN locations, compared to the AAA average retail price*.

Card Controls

Fueling Time and Day Control: You can decide when and on which days the fuel card can be used to buy fuel.

Gallons Limit: You can set how much fuel can be bought in a day, week, or month.

Fill-up Limit: You can control how much fuel can be filled up each time.

Transactions Limit: You can choose how many times the card can be used for fuel each day.

Email Alerts: You’ll get emails to know when and where the card is used.

No Contracts or Fees: No need to sign contracts or pay extra charges.

Track Vehicles and Drivers: You can keep an eye on all vehicles and drivers using the card.

Detailed Reports

Efficient Management of Statements and Reports: Receive statements and reports via email, mail, or fax for your convenience.

Comprehensive Transaction Insights on our Online Portal: Our user-friendly online portal displays in-depth transaction details such as date, location, site number, time, fuel type, gallon amount, price per gallon, state and federal taxes, as well as the associated vehicle and/or driver.

Data Export in Multiple Formats: Export your data-rich information in XML and CSV formats for easy analysis and integration.

Instant Usage Alerts via Email: Stay informed with instant email notifications each time a card is used.

Flexible Billing Options: Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly billing cycles tailored to your needs, with the billing frequency aligned with your estimated monthly gallon usage.

Convenient Locations

Extensive Network: Access fuel at more than 4,000 CFN cardlock locations across the nation. Benefit from an additional 57,000 fueling options within the Fuelman network, including truck stops and gas stations.

Around-the-Clock Availability: Enjoy the flexibility of fueling whenever you need it – all year round, 24/7/365.

Seamless Access for Large Trucks: Our fueling locations are designed to accommodate large trucks with ease, providing hassle-free access.

High-Speed Pumps: Experience efficient refueling with high-speed pumps that help you get back on the road swiftly.

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