Wholesale & Retail Pricing

  • Daily Average Wholesale Pricing at CFN Locations
  • Retail pricing at retail locations
  • No contracts & no fees
  • No card order, or card shutoff fees
  • No initial or recurring account maintenance fees

Card Controls

  • Restrict fueling by time and day
  • Control gallons per day, week or month
  • Limit gallons per fill
  • Set number of transactions per day
  • Receive email notifications

Convenient Locations

  • Access to over 3,000 CFN Cardlock locations nationwide, plus over 57,000 truck stops and gas stations within the Fuelman Network, and 320,000 locations with Voyager..
  • Many locations open 24/7/365
  • Easy access for large trucks + high speed pumps

Detailed Reports

  • Statements and reports by email, mail or fax
  • Online access to current activity
  • Data rich xml and csv exports available
  • Get notified by email every time a card is used
  • Bi-Weekly or Monthly Billing

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TravelCard Owned Locations

TA Travel Center
Truck N' Travel + CFN
32910 E Pearl St.
Coburg, Oregon 97408

CFN - Seneca
TravelCard Commercial Fueling
65 N Seneca
Eugene, Or 97401

Shell + CFN
Coburg Crossing
91039 S Coburg Industrial Way
Coburg, Oregon 97408