Wholesale & Retail

Save more money with wholesale pricing at CFN locations! 

For additional convenience, the card is also accepted at:

 Chevron, Shell, 76, Arco, Pilots, Flyers, Loves, Sinclair,

 and over 60,000 other Fuelman Retail locations, where you pay the retail price without any additional fees!

Card Controls

Choose when and which days to use it.

Set limits on daily, weekly, or monthly fuel amounts.

Control the number of daily card transactions.

Monitor all card activity for vehicles and drivers.

Detailed Reports

Get statements and reports via email, mail, or fax.

Online portal for detailed transaction info.

Export data in XML and CSV.

Instant email alerts for card usage.

61,000+ locations, 24/7 access, truck-friendly, & high-speed pumps!


Save More, Travel Farther