CFN Tips


Any business entity can apply for a CFN fuel card. Sole Proprietor, LLC, Corporation, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Owner-operator, or independent contractor. Must provide proof of  business with EIN# or Schedule-C Tax form.

Simple Reminders

Without the PIN number the lost or stolen card is of no use to anyone. Remind drivers to memorize the PIN number or keep it in a safe place away from the card. This will save your company from loss if the card gets into the wrong hands.

The readers are designed to read the card quickly. It is natural to want to go slower if the cardreader doesn’t seem to be reading the card, but actually going faster often corrects the problem.

If the card is not completely removed the cardreader may ask you to retry your card.

If you do not hang up the pump, the pump remains on. The next person who comes in is able to fuel and it will go on your bill.

This will prevent the card from getting dirty or demagnetized by other cards in your wallet.

This could cause the card to malfunction.

If you get to a location where one cardreader isn’t working, you don’t have to move your vehicle. You can just stay parked where you are and go to the other cardreader.

What if the pump is slow?

This indicates the leak detectors at the site have been tripped. This is not a serious problem and can be fixed quickly.

All modern fueling facilities have leak detectors. The purpose is to shut off the flow of product if a leak is detected. Sometimes if the nozzle is open before the pump is turned on, the leak detector senses a leak and shuts down.

To correct the problem, everyone currently pumping the same product (i.e. diesel or unleaded) must stop pumping by turning off the nozzle. After 30 seconds everyone can start pumping again by turning on the nozzle.

Please note in cold weather it may take a few minutes to reset the leak detectors.