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About TravelCard Commercial Fueling

The Commercial Fueling Network

It's about being the best

CFN (The Commercial Fueling Network) was started in 1988 to better serve the needs of fuel customers. It is now one of the largest cardlock networks in the United States.

It's about quality service

TravelCard’s first priority is service. You can expect your cards to arrive within four business days after your application is approved. Replacement cards are usually sent out to you within 2 business days after we receive your call.

It's about saving money

Fuel is a large expense for many companies. Our customers stay with us not only because of our service, but also because of our competitive fuel pricing. Volume discounts are available for fleets. You also get the convenience of being billed twice a month for all your fuel purchases. TravelCard does not have fees for opening an account or for replacement cards, as many companies do.

It's about saving time

TravelCard’s customized accounting allows us to track your fuel usage any way you like. We can calculate fuel cost by driver or by vehicle, and we have other custom plans available. Your invoice will show the card number, driver, date, quantity, type and amount of fuel purchased. We can even track your miles per gallon.

It's about convenience

CFN has more than 3000 locations to serve you throughout the U.S. and Canada.. All cardlock sites are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so you can get fuel when you need it.

All cardlock sites are designed for easy access for commercial vehicles. There is no waiting in line while having a national card verified. You are able to swipe your card, fuel and go. You never have to carry cash on the road.

It's about safety

All cards are issued a PIN (Personal Identification Number). This assures all charges belong to the cardholder and no one else. Lost or stolen cards are of no use to anyone. Even so, our centralized computer system can invalidate lost or stolen cards immediately upon notification by the customer. We also have a two-card system available that requires both a driver and vehicle card for extra safety.

TravelCard Owned Locations

TA Travel Center
Truck N' Travel + CFN
32910 E Pearl St.
Coburg, Oregon 97408

CFN - Seneca
TravelCard Commercial Fueling
65 N Seneca
Eugene, Or 97401

Shell + CFN
Coburg Crossing
91039 S Coburg Industrial Way
Coburg, Oregon 97408