GPS Tracking + Dash Cams

GPS Tracking

Dual Facing Dash Cam

Dual Facing A.I. Dashcam

GPS Fleet Tracking and dual-facing dash cam solutions to keep your vehicles, assets, and drivers safe.

Improve Driver safety with the dual-facing dash cam, bundled with GPS fleet tracking, at a price you can afford!

Fleet Tracking that is simple to use, affordable, and powerful enough to run any size fleet!

GPS Fleet Tracking starts at $21 per month, per vehicle, no device charge!*

Bundle with a Dual Facing dash cam for an additional $20 per month, per vehicle, plus the cost of the camera, cables, & S/H.

Want even more? Bundle with the NEW A.I. Dual Facing Dash cam, and even add up to 3 auxiliary cameras for multiple views!

Easy Install: GPS Tracker

Simply plug the Azuga GPS Tracker into the OBDII port in each vehicle and capture all vehicle diagnostic data and driver behavior instantly and easily. No costly installation services required, and no downtime needed.

Azuga Fleet Tracking

Log into Azuga Fleet GPS tracking software and gain instant insights and visibility into your fleet operations. You’ll get useful analytics on the whole fleet, from safety, accountability, and driver rewards to vehicle maintenance and fleet efficiency.

Azuga Fleet Mobile

Arm your drivers with Azuga Fleet Mobile, and keep your fleet rolling efficiently—from start to finish of every shift. Drivers can track safety scores, simplify timecards, log trips, and limit distractions while on the road. Fleet managers can reward safe drivers for a job well done, even when they’re out of the office.

Learn why the Cloud-AI dashcam built for safety is the smart choice.


Dashcam Software for fleets


Azuga’s camera uses Cloud-AI technology to detect unsafe driving behaviors and provide managers with actionable insights to improve driver and fleet safety.

When risky driving events are detected, the Driver Monitoring System captures video and processes them through artificial intelligence (AI)-engine. The AI neural learning network analyzes each driver-facing video to look for possible distraction events and provides tags to help fleets identify underlying causes of risky events.


The AI Dashcam Detects Common Driving Distractions

  • Eating and Drinking
  • Using Phone
  • Smoking
  • Wearing Mask
  • Yawning / Fatigue
  • Face not visible
  • Not Focused
  • Camera Obstruction

Distracted Driver on Dashcam



Monthly Charges, Per Vehicle


GPS Unit  – $21/month per unit


Standard Dual Facing Dashcam – $20/month per unit


A.I. Dual Facing Dash Cam – $28/month per unit


Auxiliary Camera for A.I.( can add up to 3 per vehicle) – $5/month per unit


Asset Tracker – $20/month per unit


Device Charges


GPS Unit – Free w/ Service*($75 value)


Standard Dual Facing Dashcam $175 Each

A.I. Dual Facing Dash Cam $250 Each

Auxiliary Camera $65 Each


Beacon Card $20 Each


Asset Tracker $150 Each


GPS Units are provided free of charge with service, a $75 value per unit. If service is canceled, all devices must be returned or the customer will be charged $75 per unit. If a unit is broken, there is a $75 replacement charge, plus shipping/handling. If the unit is defective, not damaged, there is no charge to replace and can be covered under the limited warranty.

Cameras do not work alone and must be paired with GPS unit.

No Contracts! No Fees!


Tom needs 3 gps trackers, 2 standard dashcams, 1 AI dashcam with 2 auxiliary cameras, and 3 beacon cards.

3 gps x $21/month ( no device charges) = $63

2 Standard Cam x $20/month = $40

1 A.I. Cam x $28/month + 2 Auxiliary Cameras x $5 = $38

Monthly total = $141

Plus one time device charges:

Standard Cam x 2 = $350

A.I. Cam x 1 = $250

Auxiliary Cam x 2 = $130

Beacon Card x 3 = $60

One time charges = $790

Plus monthly charges $141

First Bill = $931 + S/H

Billed monthly on the 1st